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    Smartwine is a search engine for wines and related products.

    For webmasters:
    • Bottles should be displayed in a single row between HTML tags <tr >... </tr> or HTML comments <!--winestart-->... <!--wineend-->.
    • For each row, write the full name of the wine.
    • Write a price for a single bottle including taxes with the currency name: for example: "99.- sfr", "99.99 frs", "99.99 CHF".
    • Write the complete year as 1999 (not 99).
    • The size of bottle is better recognized in cl (for example 150cl, 25cl, 3 liter).
    • You may add other data specific to the wine like grapes, appellation, country, classement,....
    • Do not add comments not related to the wine itself like (basket, occasion, reduced, best price,...)
    • Do not add other numbers the can be interpreted as a price or a year.


    if your website is not listed or if you want some information, contact us at .


    The service is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. Prices, quantities may be incorrect or already changed. Please contact the wine seller for further information about the wines.